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17 Funniest Basketball Memes on the Internet

The internet is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Especially during basketball season.


1. Yoa Ming jokes still never get old.

2. “How old are you again?”

3. Plot Twist.

4. It’s a thing. It worked for Mike Tyson, right?

5. No, actually I haven't.

6. Maybe swimming, there’s no touching in swimming.

7. No one knows his name, we just call him OG.

8. It just keeps growing...

9. Soccer? I don’t know a thing about that.

10. No problem.

11. “What? I’m a fan.”

12. Amen.

13. Killed it.

14. Not exactly what I was expecting.

15. A look of satisfaction.

16. Let’s go!

17. You’re so smart.

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By Brionna Lewis

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